Mortgages And Dangerous Japanese Knotweed

Mortgages Japanese Knotweed

Mortgages can be tricky, so can identifying Japanese Knotweed (JKW) if you’d like some help you can check out our post on identifying it here or if you’re still not sure you contact us and we’d be happy to assist. Why do Mortgages Lenders have a Problem Japanese Knotweed? Japanese knotweed is renowned for being […]

Is Heavy Rain Causing Damaging Damp In Your Home?

heavy rain causing damp and mould problems

Does your home tend to suffer from damp spots after stormy weather, heavy rain and wind, you live in a unsheltered area or one exposed to wind driven rain? If yes, It could be down to two possible causes, either your home is a solid wall construction, and the moisture is seeping through to the […]

Great Tips For Identifying Japanese Knotweed.


What is Japanese Knotweed Japanese Knotweed is a non-native specie of plant, that was brought over from Japan in the Victorian era. It grows rapidly and is notoriously painful to get rid of, specialist treatment is usually then most common way of getting rid of it, however it can be done yourself. The plant completely […]