Japanese Knotweed Claims

Haddock & Co can help you if you’re suffering from Japanese Knotweed infestation on your property. If the infestation has spread from neighbouring property and you have become a victim due to them not controlling the spread of the plant.

What is Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese Knotweed is an invasive perennial plant that grows extremely quickly and can outcompete any plants growing nearby. It can also cause damage to buildings, with the potential to grow through cracks in bricks, mortar, or concrete.

The problem with Japanese Knotweed is that it is notoriously hard to get rid of, it isn’t as simple as just cutting it away or digging it up, tiny fragments of the root system or cuttings can initiate a fresh growth. It is usually dealt with by professionals that will treat the plant over several years until it completely dies, this usually comes with an insurance back guarantee.

If Japanese Knotweed is found on or near your property it can affect the value of the property or in a worse case scenario you could be declined a mortgage if the property is found to have it growing.

Can I claim compensation?

If you have Japanese Knotweed on your property and you believe it has spread to your property from someone else’s actions, then you can claim for compensation. It is not illegal to grow the plant on your property however, it is illegal to allow it to spread from your own property to someone else property or public land.

If you bought a house and it was not disclosed to the new buyers but was present at the time of buying the property, then you can also claim as a Japanese Knotweed infestation must be disclosed on the ‘TA6 property form’. If it turns out the seller lied about the infestation of Japanese Knotweed, then you could be eligible for a claim.

japanese knotweed identification graphic

How to spot Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed can be difficult to identify if you don’t know what you’re looking for as it has similarities to other plants meaning it can be easily confused with Japanese Knotweed. Another reason why it is difficult to identify is because of how quickly it grows and how it changes quite rapidly across the seasons.

What do Japanese Knotweed leaves look like?

What do Japanese Knotweed stems look like?

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